Zoneminder deinterlace bttv source

Hi there.

Preliminary i have solved the interlacing issue for me. Of course an small increase of the CPU load is happened. The mencoder takes about 2% of a dualcore at 2.93GHz for a 768x576x24 source at 4fps.

I used:
- zm 1.24.2 from svn
- ubuntu server 9.10 x64
- mencoder
- avld 0.1.4 with patch for newer kernel (another video loopback device)
- bttv cards
The solution is not difficult. After compiling and installing avld lod the module with

$sudo modprobe avld width=768 height=576 fps=0 palette=0

A new /dev/video* will be created. For me it is video10. Now capture the video source video0 with mplayer, deinterlace it, convert to rgb24* and send to the loopback device of video10.

$mencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=768:height=576:device=/dev/video0:noaudio:norm=PAL:outfmt=yv12:fps=3 -nosound -ovc raw -vf yadif,scale,format=bgr24 -of rawvideo -o /dev/video10

The source of the video in zoneminder is set to:
- Video for Linux 1
- RGB24
- 768×576

Of course there is a daemon to write, it should monitor the loading process of the devices, run and restart if necessary the mencoder.

AVLD 0.1.4
Patch from
Other AVLD patch (not used)

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